Greg Kelly just 0.01 secs off 100m PB at Loughborough International

Greg Kelly’s sprint season is off to a flyer.

Having been selected to compete for Scotland at the Loughborough International, Greg covered 100m in 10.66 seconds. The margin to his recent PB couldn’t have been any finer – just 0.01 seconds shy of it.

It shows tremendous consistency and bodes well for a cracking season.

Here’s the story on the Scottish Athletics website.

Greg now holds the EKAC record on his own, whereas, at 10.7 seconds, he shared it.

Greg went on to run the last leg of the 4x100m. That didn’t take him long either!

Photo: Bobby Gavin

Laura Muir visits EKAC!

Laura Muir visiting EKAC

We were thrilled to welcome international track superstar Laura Muir to EKAC recently, along with her coach Andy Young. It was extremely generous of them to take time out from their busy schedules.

Laura answered questions on everything from preparing for races to juggled running with her veterinary studies, and from warming down to whether she has always been good at athletics.

On that last point, many of the juniors were interested to hear that Laura was 18 before she set her first significant record – success didn’t come overnight, rather with learning through competing and by committing to training.

Amongst club members who have raced half-marathon distance there were a few dropped jaws at Laura’s weekly long run being that distance but only taking her – in non-race mode – 75 minutes.

Laura emphasised how important it is for athletes to enjoy their athletics. Progress will follow from enjoyment; indeed, enjoyment will fuel progress.

A wonderful Q&A event that left everyone buoyed and motivated.

School Cross Country (XC)

‘I had no idea they were so fast until I saw them in the school cross country!’

Half our athletes’ parents at one time or another!

It’s something we often hear at this time of year. Your son or daughter competes in primary or secondary school cross country for the first time and comes in the top 10. You knew they were quick…but not THAT quick. Now teachers are saying, ‘You should get them into an athletics club.’ (Those teachers are right.)

Good news: we hold regular assessment nights. So, register your cross-country heroine or hero now.

Contact our Club Secretary at giving your child’s name and DoB and we’ll let you know the details.